So this is me. I'm a later-than-I-care-to-admit thirtysomething with the kind of life that doesn't fit me into a neat category or a clearly marked box.

I work in the very pretty wedding industry and know my Packham from my Peiro but am a tomboy at heart and can go for days on end without even a dab of make-up.

I play club netball in local leagues once or twice a week and love a sweaty training session with my friends. I'm about to embark on my UKCC Level 1 netball coaching course and I can't wait. I watch far too much hockey, supporting Reading HC, England and GB Hockey and, of course, my son's Reading HC and school teams quite vociferously from the sidelines.

I like good food, luxurious hotels and long lazy days but I'm equally up for 100km endurance events that leave you looking like you've been dragged through the proverbial hedge and feeling distinctly dodgy.

I'm a history geek who loves the women of World War II and spends far too long with her head in the scary days of the 1940s. I've got a particular passion for the female Ack-Ack gunners and all the women on the home front, both groups I'm proud to have written (and be writing more) about.

I couldn't live without my dog, Agatha Christie, tea, my friends, new notebooks, good trainers, the occasional bunch of flowers and goodnight hugs from my son.

This is me. This is my blog. It's all going to be here.


You can find me on twitter - @thecandidapple and on instagram - @candidapple

Should you feel that way inclined, my work site is