Wanderlust - Weymouth Harbour

I'll be completely honest and say that Weymouth has never really been on my list of places to go but as My Mr is taking on the Jurassic Coast Challenge this weekend, we needed a place to lay our heads the night before the race and Weymouth is right on the doorstep of Race HQ.

As usual, Sawday's Special Places did not let us down and we tipped up to Old Harbour View on Thursday afternoon...

Squeezed onto the frontage, Old Harbour View is an absolute gem.

Squeezed onto the frontage, Old Harbour View is an absolute gem.

And it was really rather perfect. Welcoming hosts, ready with tea and homemade cake, a great little room, parking outside, the most amazing breakfast and a happy little dog to make it feel more like home.

On Thursday night, we headed out to The Crab House Cafe and had some super fresh fish and seafood in a really laid back restaurant, right on the beach. Perfect for the night before a race when you're getting a bit jittery and don't want to be somewhere too posh!

Friday morning was an early start for us both as I took My Mr down to the start for 7.30am. Whilst the alarm might have felt a little bit harsh, the early morning views over the harbour were absolutely worth the fleeting pain...


It was a great night but with My Mr on the move along the coast, my time in Weymouth was up...