Do - Compare Yourself To Mole

One of my favourite books ever is Wind in the Willows. When I was young, I had about five copies plus the audiobook and rather glorious animated version on VHS (yes, my youth was indeed that long ago).

There's a poignant passage in there where Mole returns to his little underground home after living with Rat for a while. He's had a lovely time being busy with his new life but, when he scents his house, he misses it and feels the need to return, to reconnect with himself.

That is my clunky way of trying to explain my absence from this blog for these past months. Life has simply got in the way but I've missed these pages and have returned.

So, expect some catch-up features as I bring you back up to speed with some of the highlights from this super busy period and attempt to chronicle some of the memories I don't want to be lost to the mists of time.

Home! That was what they meant, those caressing appeals, those soft touches wafted through the air, those invisible little hands pulling and tugging, all one way! Why, it must be quite close by him at that moment, his old home that he had hurriedly forsaken and never sought again, that day when he first found the river! And now it was sending out its scouts and its messengers to capture him and bring him in.
— Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame