Review - Morgan Motor Company Factory Tour

Son loves cars. In fact, I love cars and, given my passion for all things historic or those that have a distinctly vintage vibe, it's really no surprise that both of us adore Morgans.

These genuinely beautiful cars might look like they belong in a pre-war world but they're modern machines in every sense of the word. They're also special because each and every Morgan is hand built on a quiet residential street in the Worcestershire town of Malvern and this site has been home to the Morgan Motor Company since they were founded by H.F.S. Morgan back in 1909.

And so, when you visit Morgan, you don't step into a highly polished visitor centre or super shiny showroom. Instead, you push open a door and find yourself, quite literally, on the factory floor where bare chassis are transformed into glorious Morgans.

I can't express my admiration for Morgan here. It's a pretty brave thing to allow strangers into your world, to have them wander around your business, watching how your staff do their job. It's a huge credit to everyone involved that production continues and tours continue hand-in-hand and, it's fair to say that we LOVED our tour of the Morgan Motor Company.

Our amazingly knowledgeable guide led our little group through the build process - we saw each step from the bare structure of the car, the addition of the body work and wood work through to engine fitting, paintwork and the finishing touches of soft leather and individual flourishes. Each Morgan rolls through the workshops complete with its own little pamphlet that tells the craftsmen what car they're building and for whom. It's wonderful to see these information packs with the end customer's name on them, knowing that the car is being built for someone who's already chosen it. The whole process is about as far removed from buying a mass market motor as you can imagine. 

We so enjoyed every minute of our time at Morgan. Seeing the historic range of cars was amazing and viewing the special selection of racing and other 'important' Morgans was equally as thrilling. Watching real craftsmen at work was a huge treat and following the journey of a Morgan through the personal production line was a joy.

If you've got a bit of a thing about cars then we really recommend the Morgan factory tour. In the couple of hours that you're there, you really get a sense of the company's history and how they're developing their brand for the future. You feel how personal it all is and you see the huge amount of work that goes into each car. It's not a super slick tour, it's more rough and ready than that and, I have to say, all the better because of it.

The Morgan Motor Company runs regular factory tours throughout the year. You can find out more about them and book yourself onto a tour here.

* It's important that you know that I wasn't paid, bribed or given any type or freebie to encourage me to write this post. It's just my humble opinion.