The Little Things - Spring Blossom

One of the highlights of my days is taking my dog for a walk. I love getting away from my desk or just grabbing some fresh-air time to blow the cobwebs away and clear my head. Invariably, any problems or issues that are floating around in that packed cranium of mine and sorted, arranged and organised nicely by the time I get home.

Another reason I love walking my dog is that it makes me really aware of the seasons. In the winter, Jack Frost's fingers pinch my cheeks and nip my fingers. In the autumn, I kick my way through drifts of leaves and leave over puddles. In summer, I'm up walking by 6am in the cool, still freshness of the morning so my black Labrador doesn't overheat. And in the spring, watching the beautiful blossom burst from bare branches makes me smile. It makes me stop, stand under the boughs and stare upwards. I trail my hands across the petals, feeling their silky softness and I take photos in the hope of capturing these spring moments for bring brightness to grey days...